UAE Labor Law
Everything to know about the New UAE Labor Law of 2022.

About The Program

Learn everything about the New UAE Labor Law 2022. This workshop addresses the complex nature of employment relationship from a legal perspective. Participants will be exposed to the legal requirements starting from recruitment up to the end of employment termination. All the latest announcements and measures will be covered.

Course Objectives

    • By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

    • Understand fundamental principles of the New UAE Labor Law
    • Regulatory and enforcement trends at the Ministry of Labor
    • Understand different type of contracts
    • Manage the legal requirements for salaries, end of service gratuity and other benefits
    • Understand employment disputes and the dispute resolution process
    • Adhere to the labor law when recruiting
    • Review your HR policies and procedures and benchmark them with best practices

Course Outline

    • Introduction to Employment Law

    • Corporate Establishment Models
    • Legal System and Employment Legislation
    • Free Zone Rules and Regulations
    • DIFC
    • Recruitment of Non Nationals

    • Work Permit and Residency Visa Application Process
    • Business Visas and Other Visas
    • The Employment Relationship and Employment Contracts

    • Terms and Conditions of Employment Contracts
    • Types of Employment Contract
    • Mandatory Prescribed Contracts
    • Termination of Limited and Unlimited Term Contracts
    • Labor Bans
    • Grievances & Disciplinary Procedures

    • Managing Discipline, Grievances and Dismissal
    • Termination of Employment
    • Arbitrary Dismissal
    • Minimum Entitlements

    • Probation
    • Remuneration and Benefits
    • Wage Protection System
    • Accommodation
    • Working Time
    • Overtime
    • Holidays and Special Leave
    • Family Friendly Leave
    • Sick Leave
    • End of Service Payments
    • Post Termination Issues

    • Confidentiality
    • Post Termination Restrictions
    • Health and Safety
    • Religious and Cultural Awareness
    • Current Trends and Developments
    • Q & A: An opportunity to raise any queries

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