Train The Trainer
Design your own training session and understand how adults learn.

About The Program

This high impact workshop will equip participants with the right tools to design and deliver effective training programs. This workshop will address the standard principles of adult learning and effective reinforcement through activities.

Course Objectives

    • By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Explain the fundamentals of adult learning.
    • Describe the preferred learning styles.
    • Describe the delivery methods for different learning styles.
    • Describe all aspects of the training cycle.
    • Write training aims with clearly defined outcomes.
    • Develop effective questioning techniques.
    • Deliver an effective training session.
    • Evaluate learning effectiveness.

Course Outline

    • The learning process

    • The role of a trainer.
    • What is the difference between learning, training and development?
    • The fundamental principles of adult learning.
    • VARK learning styles.
    • Training needs analysis

    • Definition of training needs analysis.
    • The key questions in driving the analysis.
    • Data collection and outcomes of the analysis.
    • Design your training program

    • Identify the aim of a training program.
    • Develop learning objectives and measurable outcomes
    • The knowledge, skill and behavior to be achieved.
    • Identify the content of your training program.
    • Structure your training content in a logical sequence.
    • Select training methods

    • Describe the required outcomes of learning.
    • Different types of training and learning methods.
    • Develop and use training aids to support your content.
    • Plan and structure teaching and assessment activities.
    • Select and adapt appropriate resources for your training.
    • Develop training plans using the ROPES model.
    • Deliver an effective training program

    • Identify the required resources.
    • Start your session with maximum impact.
    • Icebreakers to bring the audience together.
    • Presentation and facilitation skills to encourage participation.
    • Strategies to handle a problem situation.
    • Responding to learners questions.
    • Giving formal feedback to learners.
    • Measuring the success

    • The principles of assessment.
    • Apply the VARCSO criteria for assessments.
    • Design an appropriate assessment activity.
    • Evaluate training effectiveness using the Kirkpatrick Model.
    • Deliver an effective training session

    • Apply the learning with a 20 minute training session

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    18 hours (3 days, 6 hours each day)
    Online Live Classroom / Face to Face
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