Qatar Labor Law
Learn the latest amendments in Qatar labor and immigration laws.

About The Program

This workshop addresses the current trends in Qatar labor and immigration laws beneficial to anyone working in Qatar industry sectors, explains how the labor and immigration law affects your company and employees and also addresses issues that often arise in the labor and employment context or for anyone who needs a better understanding of Qatar labor laws.

Course Objectives

    • By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

    • Understand the significance of local labor contracts
    • Identify the implications of terminating an employee and know which employee entitlements are discretionary for employers
    • Calculate end of service and gratuity
    • Gain an understanding of the statutory and regulatory provisions relating to immigration and sponsorship
    • Learn to address the most common labor issues

Course Outline

    • Number of steps for the benefit of its citizens and residents in light of Covid-19:

    • New measures announced by the Qatar government
    • Impact of Covid-19 on Immigration and Recruitment matters
    • Managing headcount cost
    • Support employers though this period
    • Introduction to Employment Law

    • Legal System and Employment Legislation
    • Corporate Establishment Models
    • Government Agencies
    • Key Legislation

    • Employment Law – Main Provisions
    • QFC
    • Employment and Visa Requirements

    • Recruitment of GCC Nationals
    • Recruitment of non-GCC Nationals
    • Work Permit and Residence Permit Application Process
    • Visa Requirements
    • Immigration Law
    • Penalties
    • Employment Contracts

    • Types of Contracts
    • Requirements
    • QFC
    • Minimum Content
    • State Issues for Employers

    • Discrimination
    • Data Protection
    • Occupational Injury
    • Company Liability for Employee Actions
    • End of Service Gratuity (EOSG)
    • State Minimum Entitlements

    • Limited and Unlimited Term Contract
    • Probationary Periods
    • Salary
    • Wages Protection System
    • Remuneration and Benefits
    • Working Hours
    • Overtime
    • Annual Leave
    • Sick Leave
    • Other Leave
    • Medical
    • State Resignation and Termination

    • Resignation
    • Termination of Employment
    • Repatriation
    • State Protecting the Employer

    • Non-compete clauses
    • Confidentiality
    • Disputes
    • Q & A Session

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