Oman Labor Law
Understand how Oman labor law will affect your company and employees.

About The Program

This workshop will help you understand how the Oman labor law will affect your company and employees. It will also address issues that often arise in the labor and employment context.

Course Objectives

    • By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

    • Understand fundamental principles of the Oman Labor Law.
    • Manage the legal requirements organizations must fulfil for salaries, end of service gratuity and other benefits.
    • Understand employment disputes and the dispute resolution process.
    • Adhere to the Oman labor law when recruiting.
    • Manage disciplinary actions.
    • Review your HR Policies and Procedures and learn to benchmark them with the best practice.

Course Outline

    • Introduction to Oman Employment Legislation

    • Employment Legislation
    • Relevant Government Authorities
    • Legal System
    • Recruitment

    • Employer Registration
    • Recruitment of Foreign Nationals
    • Sponsorship
    • No Objection Certificates
    • Omanization
    • Employment Terms

    • Language
    • Employment Contracts for Omani Nationals
    • Employment Contracts for Foreign Nationals
    • Types of Contracts and Renewal Procedure
    • Probation Period
    • Mobility
    • Confidentiality
    • Post Termination Restrictions
    • Notice Period
    • Working Time and Pay

    • Working Hours, Days and Overtime
    • Leave Entitlements
    • Annual Leave and Waiver
    • Public Holidays
    • Special Leave
    • Sick Leave
    • Minimum Salary and Statutory Increment
    • Salary Deductions
    • Overtime Pay
    • Social Insurance
    • End of Service Gratuity
    • Repatriation
    • Unions

    • Union Legislation
    • Types of Union
    • Right to Strike
    • Collective Bargaining and Agreements
    • HR Policy Requirements

    • Work Regulations
    • Language
    • Registration and Approvals
    • Managing Disciplinary Action

    • The Lawful Termination Reasons
    • Where Employers Go Wrong
    • Consequences of Dismissal
    • Q & A

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