Excel Advanced
Learn the most advanced formulas and functions to be an Excel power user.

About The Program

There are countless ways to utilize Excel, from basic sums and equations to pivot tables and advanced analysis. If you want to be an Excel power user, this workshop covers everything from basic functionality to complex formulas and all in between.

Course Objectives

    • By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

    • Use keyboard shortcuts to improve speed and efficiency.
    • Understand logical functions and use them for reports.
    • Learn and apply various advance Excel functions.
    • Learn to create smart charts for data presentation.
    • Learn to create pivot table and analyze large databases.
    • Use Excel formulas for increasing productivity.
    • Learn to record and edit macros.

Course Outline

    • Conditional Formatting

    • Clear conditional formatting.
    • Work with Data Bars, Color Scales and Icon Sets.
    • Create and edit a Sparkline.
    • Sorting Data

    • Perform an Alphabetical and Numerical sort.
    • Sort on more than one column.
    • Sort vertically and horizontally.
    • Filtering Data

    • Understand filters.
    • Apply, Use and Clear a filter.
    • Create compound and custom filters.
    • Use wildcards.
    • Filling Data

    • Understand¬†data filling.
    • Create, Modify and Delete a custom fill list.
    • Pivot Tables

    • Understand Pivot Tables.
    • Create a Pivot Table shell.
    • Format a Pivot Table report.
    • Understand and create slicers.
    • Dynamic Table

    • Convert existing data into a table.
    • Automate calculation of data in a table.
    • Convert an existing table to a normal range.
    • Logical Functions

    • Understand logical functions.
    • Using IF to display text and calculate values.
    • Nesting IF functions.
    • Formula Referencing

    • Absolute and relative referencing.
    • Problems with relative formulas.
    • Create absolute references.
    • Charting Techniques

    • Add Chart and Axes Titles.
    • Show Data Labels and Data Table.
    • Create a combination chart.
    • Creating Charts

    • Choosing the right chart type.
    • Work with an embedded chart.
    • Resize and change an existing chart type.
    • Advance Validation

    • Create drop down in cells and error messages.
    • Create dependent lists
    • Text options

    • Group and Ungroup
    • Sharing a workbook
    • Macros

    • Record and run a macro.
    • Delete macros.
    • Relative reference in macros.
    • Formulas
    • Lookup Functions
    • File and Data Security

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