KSA Labor Law
Learn the latest labor law amendments of Saudi Arabia.

About The Program

This workshop addresses the complex nature of employment relationship from a legal perspective. Participants will be exposed to the legal requirements starting from recruitment up to the end of employment termination. All the latest announcements will be covered.

Course Objectives

    • By the end of the course participants will be able to:

    • Gain an overview of KSA’s Labor Law provisions
    • Understand the Labor and Immigration framework in KSA
    • Know the details of the settlement of Labor Dispute and conflicts
    • Learn the process of effective lawful termination of employment
    • Use of different methods to recruit KSA Nationals and Non National
    • Know how to deal with annual vacation, holidays and other types of leaves
    • Know how to calculate end of service benefits
    • Protect against occupational hazards and medical services
    • Have religious and cultural awareness

Course Outline

    • Introduction to Employment Law

    • Legal System and Employment Legislation
    • Corporate Establishment Models
    • Recruitment and Sponsorship

    • Employer Registrations
    • Recruitment of Nationals
    • Work Permit and Residency Permit Application Process
    • Recruiting a non-National Locally
    • Business Visas and Other Visas
    • The Employment Relationship and Employment Contracts

    • Terms and Conditions of Employment Contracts
    • Probationary Periods
    • Types of Employment Contract
    • Recruitment and References
    • Pay and Working Time

    • Remuneration and Benefits
    • Working Time
    • Holidays and Special Leave
    • Family Friendly Leave
    • Holiday and Sickness Pay
    • End of Service Payments
    • Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures

    • Managing Discipline, Grievances and Dismissal
    • Termination of Employment
    • Arbitrary Dismissal
    • Enforcement and Dispute Resolution
    • Post Termination Issues

    • Confidentiality
    • Labor Bans
    • Post Termination Restrictions
    • Number of steps due to Covid-19
    • Health and Safety
    • Religious and Cultural Awareness
    • Current Trends and Developments
    • Q & A: An opportunity to raise any queries

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